09 February 2024

It’s Been a ‘Swiftie’ NFL Season. What Impact Will That Have on Super Bowl Ads?

Darden professor Kim Whitler on the 2024 Super Bowl and the effect the high-profile relationship between Chiefs player Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will have on the branding and advertising dynamics surrounding the big game.

11 January 2024

Q&A: Tired of Paying for Separate Streaming Services? A Solution Has Arrived

Darden Professor Anthony Palomba, an expert in the media and entertainment business, on the streaming services bundling trend.

12 December 2023

New UVA Darden Case Examines How Bud Light Cracked Open a Can of Controversy

In the case "Bud Light Cracks Open a Can of Controversy," Darden Professor Kimberly Whitler; Multiply CEO Dan Baum and Research Assistant Emily Pasquinelli offer a deep dive into the intricate dynamics of brand crisis management in the digital age, with a focus on the Bud Light "Easy Carry Contest" featuring Dylan Mulvaney.

06 October 2023

Smart Brevity: The Challenges of Media in the Age of AI

The annual meeting of the Darden Leadership Communication Council featured Axios publisher Nick Johnston, expert speakers on the latest challenges in the communications, and a celebration of the Batten Media Fellows 35-year anniversary.

06 September 2023

Yeti CEO on Growing a Brand With Breadth and Depth

Fast Company explores Yeti’s deliberate — and effective — approach to growing brand share and revenue under the guidance of Darden alum Matt Reintjes (MBA '04).

11 August 2023

What the X Is Going On? Why Companies Resort to Rebranding

Twitter rebranding to X comes during a period when corporate repositioning appears to be trendy. Darden's Kim Whitler comments on why.