29 April 2024

State of the School: Momentum, Gratitude Permeate Reunion Weekend

Dean Scott Beardsley projected two key themes — strength and gratitude — across the University of Virginia Darden School of Business during his Reunion Weekend address to alumni and supporters.

29 April 2024

Triathlete Professors: Mastering Teaching, Research and Practice at Darden

Critically, it is the Darden philosophy that winning “triathletes” are strong precisely because they are strong across these three dimensions. The best professors are not merely the sum of these three separate and independent activities; the best professors emerge through their harmonious integration.

29 April 2024

Darden Rising: How We Became the World’s Leading Public Business School and What We Have to Do to Stay There

With the recent launch of Faculty Forward, Milestone II of the campaign, we’re building on this foundation, with an eagle-eyed focus on faculty excellence as the key to sustaining our momentum. This effort underscores our commitment to remaining at the forefront of business education and thought leadership — not just among public institutions or American institutions but all institutions worldwide.

09 February 2024

It’s Been a ‘Swiftie’ NFL Season. What Impact Will That Have on Super Bowl Ads?

Darden professor Kim Whitler on the 2024 Super Bowl and the effect the high-profile relationship between Chiefs player Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will have on the branding and advertising dynamics surrounding the big game.

11 January 2024

Q&A: Tired of Paying for Separate Streaming Services? A Solution Has Arrived

Darden Professor Anthony Palomba, an expert in the media and entertainment business, on the streaming services bundling trend.

12 December 2023

New UVA Darden Case Examines How Bud Light Cracked Open a Can of Controversy

In the case "Bud Light Cracks Open a Can of Controversy," Darden Professor Kimberly Whitler; Multiply CEO Dan Baum and Research Assistant Emily Pasquinelli offer a deep dive into the intricate dynamics of brand crisis management in the digital age, with a focus on the Bud Light "Easy Carry Contest" featuring Dylan Mulvaney.