09 July 2020

Darden Executive Education Meets the Moment With New Virtual Courses

Darden Executive Education has shifted a significant portion of its portfolio of programs to a flexible, virtual model.

02 July 2020

Lessons From the Pandemic, According to Women’s Health Research Pioneer Dr. Vivian Pinn

In a talk focused on health equity during the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Vivian Pinn said “social determinants” have been among the key drivers of who gets sick and why

18 June 2020

Leadership Unscripted: Female Global Leaders Consider Opportunities for Change in a Time of Crisis

At a Leadership Unscripted, former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and Halla Tómasdóttir, a former presidential candidate in Iceland and CEO of The B Team, discussed leadership in a time of crisis.

29 May 2020

Research Affiliates CEO on Leading and Investing in a Time of Uncertainty

Katrina Sherrerd says the firm’s investment beliefs and long-term trends serve as guides for Research Affiliates, which produces research and offers innovative investment products, many with a value investing focus.

22 May 2020

‘Defining Moments’ and Second Chances: Former Prisoner Brings Award-Winning Case to Life

A manager at Cascade Engineering who joined the company through a prisoner reentry program joined a Darden class to share his own journey from incarceration to the working world.

20 May 2020

‘The Most Amazing Thing I Have Ever Seen’: Darden Alumnus Dr. Paul Matherne on UVA Health’s Rapid Response to COVID-19

Dr. Paul Matherne says changes in health care brought about by the coronavirus crisis have been significant and may be long-lived.