Global Business
09 July 2020

Darden Executive Education Meets the Moment With New Virtual Courses

Darden Executive Education has shifted a significant portion of its portfolio of programs to a flexible, virtual model.

23 June 2020

UVA Darden Economists Survey US Economic Landscape After Unprecedented Spring

Offering an updated economic forecast, Darden Professor Beckenstein and lecturer Nick Sargen surveyed the strange economic landscape in the time of COVID-19.

01 June 2020

‘She Came and Moved Mountains’: UVA Darden Professor Kinda Hachem

When not teaching, Hachem focuses her research on the interplay between money, banking and the economy, with a keen interest in the unintended consequences of policy decisions.

13 May 2020

UVA Darden Class of 2020 Grad’s Venture Connects Rising Artists to Global Marketplace

Following graduation, Patti Pan will combine her diverse professional experiences and love of the art world together in RevArt, a startup she founded to help emerging artists gain exposure and take control of their professional work.

29 April 2020

Trade Economist Shares Recent Surprises, Uncertain Future for International Trade

Speaking with Darden students virtually in a course led by Professor Peter Debaere, longtime international trade expert Alan Deardorff shared lessons on what we might learn from trade in a time of a global pandemic.

21 April 2020

UVA Darden Professors Examine Fed’s Extraordinary Response to Coronavirus Crisis

Professors Frank Warnock and Kinda Hachem examined the Fed's response to the coronavirus crisis and discussed additional tools the central bank may use as the crisis continues.