Business in Society
09 September 2020

Lem Lewis Award Recipient: ‘I Knew I Wanted to Be in a Position of Service to Greater Society’

Tre Tennyson received one of Darden’s most prestigious awards: the Lemuel E. Lewis Bicentennial Award for Global Leadership, a scholarship award made possible by a philanthropic gift from Lem Lewis.

26 August 2020

UVA Darden-Supported Startup Taking Sustainable Farming World by Storm

After emerging from the 2017 i.Lab Incubator, operated by Darden's Batten Institute, Beanstalk is growing its sustainable farming operation at a rapid clip.

03 August 2020

UVA Darden Professors Consider Permanent Post-COVID Changes

Professors Peter Debaere and Vivian Riefberg consider the long-lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the latest issue of Virginia Economic Review.

21 July 2020

Jane Walentas: Champion of Arts and First-Gen Scholarships at UVA

Jane Walentas passed on a legacy as a discerning philanthropist who made it possible for others to achieve success and experience the exhilarating beauty of art.

13 July 2020

A Look Back at UVA Darden’s Quick Shift to Distance Learning and Lessons Learned for Fall

While Darden plans to open in August with students and faculty on Grounds, a look back at the events of a spring like no other demonstrated an ability to react quickly and work together toward the common good in the face of great uncertainty.

07 July 2020

Big Data Analytics Shows How America’s Individualism Complicates Coronavirus Response

To understand America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, UVA researchers started with data from the American frontier.