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29 January 2023

How ChatGPT Could Take Bing Into the Future

ChatGPT used to power a search engine “could, at least in principle, upend Google's market dominance,” says Darden's Anton Korinek.

24 January 2023

New Darden Hotel Already Booking Rooms for Summer

The Darden School’s executive MBA residents will be the first guests to stay at the Forum Hotel after it opens in the spring, according to Ashley Williams, CEO and chief learning officer of executive education and lifelong learning at Darden.

Charlottesville Daily Progress
18 January 2023

Top 10 Executive Courses in Design Thinking

Darden Executive Education Certificate in Design Thinking is highlighted

Executive Courses
18 January 2023

Can AI chatbots like ChatGPT compete with Google search?

UVA Darden School of Business Professor Anton Korinek is quoted