COVID-19 News
09 February 2021

New UVA COVID Tracker Adds Positivity Rate and Other Elements

University of Virginia has launched a new version of the UVA COVID Tracker with new and enhanced features.

11 January 2021

What We Know and Don’t Know About Vaccines at UVA and in Virginia

Here’s what we know, and what is yet to be determined, about vaccine distribution in Virginia.

02 December 2020

Pandemic, Panic and Profit: COVID-19 Is a Sink or Swim Moment for Industries

When the global economy emerges from the shadow of COVID-19, which businesses will be poised to thrive, and which doomed to struggle?

30 September 2020

Saliva Testing Program Begins This Week, Providing More Rapid Screening

The University of Virginia launched a coronavirus screening program, Be SAFE, that relies on saliva samples to quickly test for the virus.

13 July 2020

A Look Back at UVA Darden’s Quick Shift to Distance Learning and Lessons Learned for Fall

While Darden plans to open in August with students and faculty on Grounds, a look back at the events of a spring like no other demonstrated an ability to react quickly and work together toward the common good in the face of great uncertainty.

07 July 2020

Big Data Analytics Shows How America’s Individualism Complicates Coronavirus Response

To understand America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, UVA researchers started with data from the American frontier.