Finance & Investing
27 November 2023

Darden School Foundation Welcomes New Chair With a Story of Ambition and Change

At the Darden School, stories of ambition, legacy and transformation reverberate. One such story is that of Frank M. Sands (MBA ’94), the new chair of the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees.

20 November 2023

From Classroom to Boardroom: The Faculty Influence Behind the Chair of Faculty Forward

As Adair B. Newhall’s (MBA ’09) assumes the chair of Faculty Forward, Milestone II of the Powered by Purpose campaign, we delve into his Darden experiences and the mentors who steered his path.

15 November 2023

University of Virginia Investing Conference Explores Age of AI, Global Turmoil

Escalating geopolitical tensions and the implications of the rapid rise of artificial intelligence dominated discussion at the annual University of Virginia Investing Conference.

08 September 2023

Darden Releases New Case (Taylor’s Version)

Darden Business Publishing released a new case that explores the the valuation of Taylor Swift's master recordings.

27 July 2023

Stocks, Bonds and Wine: For Some Investors, Collectibles Provide Diversity

Some investment advisers have been touting the benefits of alternative investments, specifically collectibles like fine wine or vintage automobiles. Darden's Rodney Sullivan offers guidance on how to assess them.

14 July 2023

Talking Teaching Tactics With Darden’s Kinda Hachem

Shortly after arriving at UVA, professor Kinda Hachem switched her teaching style from more traditional lectures to the Darden School of Business style of guiding student discussions. That approach suited her and her students well, as they have routinely recognized her as a top faculty member.