Finance & Investing
15 July 2021

UVA Darden in the Media: From COVID-19 to Return to Work, Professors Offer Insights on Key Issues

Leading global publications sought members of the Darden faculty in the first half of 2021 to discuss everything from the race to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to the future of work.

02 July 2021

Accounting Can Change Lives; UVA Darden Professor Shane Dikolli Will Convince You Why

Get to know Darden Professor Shane Dikolli, who has won a number of faculty awards since coming to the School in 2018.

21 June 2021

The Future of Investing (Looks Very Different)

A host of Darden faculty experts in the areas of investing and asset management, including Professor Elena Loutskina, survey the investing field from cryptocurrencies and NFTs to meme stocks and SPACs.

02 June 2021

UVA Darden Professor Bob Conroy Helped Finance Students See Beyond the Spreadsheet for More Than Three Decades

Professor Bob Conroy will retire from full-time teaching at the end of the academic year.

15 April 2021

Darden Private Equity Conference: Booming Tech Investments and the Rise of SPACs

The two-day conference also dove into a number of current events and hot topics, including diversity and inclusion in the private equity industry, talent acquisition and the red-hot world of special purpose acquisition companies.

05 March 2021

Ability to Connect Data to Strategy Helps UVA MS in Business Analytics Grads Forge Pipeline to Capital One

The UVA MSBA, a 12-month, hybrid in-person and online delivery program, has build a strong and steady connection with Capital One in just the program's third year.