Finance & Investing
23 June 2020

UVA Darden Economists Survey US Economic Landscape After Unprecedented Spring

Offering an updated economic forecast, Darden Professor Beckenstein and lecturer Nick Sargen surveyed the strange economic landscape in the time of COVID-19.

29 May 2020

Research Affiliates CEO on Leading and Investing in a Time of Uncertainty

Katrina Sherrerd says the firm’s investment beliefs and long-term trends serve as guides for Research Affiliates, which produces research and offers innovative investment products, many with a value investing focus.

13 May 2020

Class of 2020 Exec MBA Graduate: Darden Felt Like Home

Jaila Ingram Johnson wanted more from her career and for her family, so she pursued an MBA to develop a new set of skills and a network. But she chose Darden's Executive MBA because it offered something more.

06 May 2020

UVA Darden Mayo Center Scholar Pursues ‘Unmatched’ Opportunities in Future of Asset Management

Mollie Laverack (Class of 2021) received the Richard A. Mayo Center Scholarship for her interest and experience in asset management and investing.

05 May 2020

Mastercard CMO Shares Sensory Marketing Strategy With UVA Darden Students

Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar recently spoke in Darden Professor Luca Cian’s “Consumer Behavior” class.

21 April 2020

UVA Darden Professors Examine Fed’s Extraordinary Response to Coronavirus Crisis

Professors Frank Warnock and Kinda Hachem examined the Fed's response to the coronavirus crisis and discussed additional tools the central bank may use as the crisis continues.