Finance & Investing
15 April 2021

Darden Private Equity Conference: Booming Tech Investments and the Rise of SPACs

The two-day conference also dove into a number of current events and hot topics, including diversity and inclusion in the private equity industry, talent acquisition and the red-hot world of special purpose acquisition companies.

05 March 2021

Ability to Connect Data to Strategy Helps UVA MS in Business Analytics Grads Forge Pipeline to Capital One

The UVA MSBA, a 12-month, hybrid in-person and online delivery program, has build a strong and steady connection with Capital One in just the program's third year.

01 March 2021

UVA Darden Alumnus Combines Purpose and Profit to Improve Education in Africa

Chinesom Ejiasa (MBA '09) is developing a new investment management company to create systemic advancements in Africa’s education system while delivering competitive risk-adjusted returns to investors.

05 February 2021

UVA Darden Alumna Susan Webb Taps Purpose to Break Barriers in Asset Management

Over two decades as a trader, Webb became passionate about improving opportunities for women and minorities in the asset management industry

03 February 2021

Economic Forecast: New Administration, Ongoing Pandemic Ensure Eventful 2021

Offering their annual economic forecast to the Darden alumni community, Professor Alan Beckenstein and economist and lecturer Nick Sargen detailed potential near-term drivers of growth, the impediments to a robust recovery and the unlikelihood of a clean V-shaped recovery.

11 December 2020

Saving for a Sunny Day: UVA Darden Grad’s Startup Envisions a Better Way to Save

Quadruple Hoo Sid Pailla (MBA '15) hopes to use the advantages he gained at Darden to promote financial inclusivity for American workers.