Entrepreneurship and Innovation
09 May 2024

UVA Darden Charts Path for Responsible Business and Human Excellence in the Age of AI

The Darden School’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative, bolstered by the largest gift in School history from Dave (MBA ’78) and Kathy LaCross and Darden’s Sands Institute for Lifelong Learning, announces new offerings and ideas to help chart the course of responsible business and human excellence in the age of artificial intelligence.

03 May 2024

Student Entrepreneurs Win Big in Final Round of UVA E-Cup

Student entrepreneurs across UVA won a combined $50,000 in prize money and in-kind services to further develop their ventures focused on an emergency action plan app, memory documentation, pickleball paddles and Indian spice mixes.

01 May 2024

Breaking Down the Five Habits of Expert Entrepreneurs with Saras Sarasvathy

Darden professor and entrepreneurship expert Saras Sarasvathy was recently featured on the hit podcast Hidden Brain to explain her research on the (at times) counter-intuitive steps expert entrepreneurs take on their way to success.

29 April 2024

State of the School: Momentum, Gratitude Permeate Reunion Weekend

Dean Scott Beardsley projected two key themes — strength and gratitude — across the University of Virginia Darden School of Business during his Reunion Weekend address to alumni and supporters.

29 April 2024

Triathlete Professors: Mastering Teaching, Research and Practice at Darden

Critically, it is the Darden philosophy that winning “triathletes” are strong precisely because they are strong across these three dimensions. The best professors are not merely the sum of these three separate and independent activities; the best professors emerge through their harmonious integration.

29 April 2024

Darden Rising: How We Became the World’s Leading Public Business School and What We Have to Do to Stay There

With the recent launch of Faculty Forward, Milestone II of the campaign, we’re building on this foundation, with an eagle-eyed focus on faculty excellence as the key to sustaining our momentum. This effort underscores our commitment to remaining at the forefront of business education and thought leadership — not just among public institutions or American institutions but all institutions worldwide.