Business of Health: Darden Expands Health Care Presence, Partnerships

The growing health care ecosystem at Darden is building on a number of courses and capabilities, and taking advantage of partnership with the UVA Health System and a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read More

Darden Students Soak in Global Experiences

A record number of Darden students took global courses last academic year, experiencing business, innovation and culture around the world. Read More

UVA Darden, HWZ Tackle Global Leadership in the Face of New Technology

The Darden-HWZ conference featured experts from both schools discussing new technology and its impact on culture, teams and corporate strategy, among other topics. Read More

Cameroon Native Learned to Speak Up at UVA Darden

Gaelle Mawadjou Tchokoua (MBA '17) will begin a career in banking after having found her voice and the confidence to speak up at Darden. Read More

UVA Darden Launches Online Project Management Course on FutureLearn Platform

UVA Darden Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne will lead the new massive open online course on project management. Read More