Updates Regarding Fatal Shooting on Grounds

A statement from UVA President Jim Ryan following the shooting on Grounds. Read More

University of Virginia Investing Conference: Transient Troubles or a Lost Decade?

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In Memoriam: Thomas A. Saunders III, Alumnus With ‘Generous Spirit’

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New UVA Darden Online Course Offers Power of Effectuation to Learners Around the World

In “Effectuation: Lessons From Expert Entrepreneurs,” Darden Professor Saras Sarasvathy will share her world-renowned theory of Effectuation, an accessible framework for venture creation used by successful entrepreneurs around the world. Read More

Powered by Career Outcomes, Darden Top 10 in New Full-Time MBA Ranking

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business is ranked in the Top 10 in a new rating of Full-Time MBA programs in the United States. Read More