Led by Careers and Classroom Experience, UVA Darden Ranks Highly in The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has ranked the University of Virginia Darden School of Business in the Top 10 in a number of categories, with six rankings in the Top 5. Read More

2023 Economic Forecast: Recession Likely, but How Bad Will It Be?

The annual economic forecast came against a backdrop of inflation and ample economic uncertainty. Read More

Sustaining Sustainability in the Face of Market Pressures

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From Animals to AI: New Directions in Leadership Research

The structure of animal societies was the focus of the first of three keynote addresses at the annual New Directions in Leadership Research conference, hosted by Darden in late 2022 at its DC Metro location in Rosslyn, Virginia. Read More

Leadership Unscripted: Taking a Stand on Divisive Issues

CEOs and business leaders are increasingly expected to take stands on a range of controversial and politically divisive issues. In this Leadership Unscripted session, Adam Goodman, one of the nation's top media consultants, talks about how to manage this challenge with Darden Marketing Professor Kim Whitler. Read More

New Partnership for Leaders in Education Report Sees Opportunity for Innovation Following COVID-19 Disruption

William Robinson, executive director of PLE, recently spoke about a new report and the organization’s recent Forum with school system leaders at UVA Darden DC Metro. Read More