Transformative Scholarship Journeys at UVA Darden: Malcolm Stewart and Carson Gleberman

By David Buie-Moltz

A scholarship recipient and donor recently shared their inspiring journeys at a special University of Virginia Darden School of Business gathering during Reunion Weekend. Here are their stories, charted through their powerful words, a testament to the transformative power of scholarship support.

From left, Dean Scott Beardsley listens to Malcolm Stewart (MBA ’24) speak at a scholarship celebration. (Photo by J.B. Fitts)

Malcolm Stewart (MBA ’24)

A Mother’s Unwavering Faith

"I remember visiting my mom, and she was in between chemotherapy. She looked at me and was like, 'You know what, I still think you should go to this school. And I think you will still accomplish all of the things that you set out to do. And I think you will make them regret not putting their main scholarship behind you and backing you with the resources and name.'"

Despite not securing the highly competitive and prestigious Jefferson Scholarship to attend UVA as an undergraduate, the belief of Stewart’s mother in his potential became his guiding light. Her unwavering faith in him drove him to continue pursuing his dreams at UVA.

Thriving at UVA

"As this ring on my finger shows, I came to the University of Virginia."

As an undergraduate at UVA, Stewart joined the University Guide Service and lived on the Lawn, honoring his late mother’s vision for him, who had passed away between his first and second years. He thrived academically and personally, embodying the spirit of resilience and determination. Before his fourth year, he was awarded the prestigious Sky Alland Scholarship.

The Full Circle Moment

"I was introduced to a woman who came up to me, hand outstretched, and said, 'Charles Malcolm Stewart, recipient of the Sky Alland Scholarship, president for the Class of 2018, senior resident for the Lawn of the University of Virginia. You do not know me, but I know you. Because I am in charge of the Richmond area Jefferson Scholarship selection process. And not making you one of our finalists was the biggest mistake I have made in the entirety of my years on this program.'"

A chance encounter at a UVA football game brought Stewart’s journey full circle, highlighting the profound impact that scholarships — or the lack thereof — can have on a student’s life trajectory.

A Realization in Silicon Valley

"Having been working in the asset management space, one of the things I found myself doing was looking around and realizing that when I looked at the meetings I was in, the conferences I attended, I rarely saw people that looked like me."

After graduating from UVA, Stewart moved to Silicon Valley to work in asset management. Despite being surrounded by success, he says he wanted to be part of a more inclusive industry.

The Decision to Attend Darden

"I had to make the decision: do I run from this issue that has made me question what I could or should do in my life and career, or do I take the opportunity to come to Darden and be a part of the change that I would like to see happen?"

Stewart discovered the Darden School Foundation’s Breakthrough Scholars Program, which focuses on developing leaders in private equity, venture capital and asset management. The program’s mission resonated with him, prompting him to attend Darden and be part of the change he wished to see. (Stewart was also a Consortium Fellow and a Future Year Scholar. Learn more about Stewart’s journey at Darden here.)

Reflecting on the Power of Scholarships

"Scholarship and empowerment can come from a couple of different places. It can come from a loved one, friend, family member. But it can also come from an institution, from a committee that selects you and believes in you, and is willing to put their name and resources behind you to show that you can accomplish your wildest dreams."

Stewart’s journey underscores that scholarships are more than financial aid; they are affirmations of potential and catalysts for achievement. His story highlights the transformative power of belief and support.

From left, Dean Scott Beardsley listens to Carson Gleberman (MBA ’86) speak at a scholarship celebration. (Photo by J.B. Fitts)

Carson Gleberman (MBA ’86)

Trepidation About Business School

"When we started in the fall of 1984, I came from New York with some trepidation about what it was going to be like to be a woman in business school in the South in 1984. On the first day in Section C, I looked around, and I counted noses, and I crunched my numbers, and we were 27%. I thought, 'Okay, I think this is going to be alright.'"

Gleberman’s initial uncertainty about fitting into the business school environment as a woman in the 1980s soon gave way to a sense of belonging and determination to make a difference.

Supporting Future Leaders

"All these scholarships help Darden really move the needle in getting the quality of students that the school so richly deserves."

Gleberman’s commitment to supporting the Future Year Scholars Program — a revolutionary program she helped create as the lead donor, inviting outstanding college students to join Darden before gaining work experience — and women’s scholarships through the Darden School Foundation has been pivotal. Her advocacy ensures that Darden attracts top talent and promotes inclusivity.

The Value of Education

"In real dollar terms, tuition now at Darden is considerably more than it was back in my day, and it is still an excellent value for the quality of experience and the quality of teaching the students get here."

Gleberman emphasized the importance of making top-quality education accessible to deserving students, despite rising tuition costs.

A Legacy of Support

"The best advice he got for how to be successful as a professor was, 'Find the best students you can, and then don’t confuse them too much.'"

Gleberman reflected on the wisdom of one of her favorite teachers, the late Professor John Colley, underscoring the dual impact of scholarships: they attract the best students and help recruit and retain top faculty.

Scholarship celebration on the Camilla Promenade outside of the Forum Hotel. (Photo by J.B. Fitts)

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