Entrepreneurs Present New-and-Improved Startups at i.Lab Incubator Demo Day

By Molly Mitchell

The 2023 i.Lab Incubator concluded with a Demo Day in which student entrepreneurs from 18 ventures across UVA presented the startups they have been building to an audience of peers, mentors, and supporters.

Hosted by the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, the i.Lab incubator provides a goal-oriented, guided-learning program for student founders of innovative ventures.

i.Lab Incubator Demo Day 2023

MatDash founders demonstrate unwieldy database management. MatDash, founded by Ankita Biswas (SEAS Class of 2025), Ho Lun Chan (SEAS Class of 2025), Roberto Herrera del Valle (SEAS ’23), Ryan Grimes (SEAS Class of 2025) and Alen Korjenic (SEAS Class of 2025) offers a codeless ML platform to simplify industrial R&D and database curation via seamless model building, training and testing.
Boozy Frozen Treats, founded by Hoi-San Guan (Darden Class of 2024), is the Tostitos of frozen cocktails, bringing the party wherever you go: top-shelf liquor & real fruit creations to bring people together.
Petrichor, founded by Curie Chang (Darden Class of 2024), is an apparel manufacturing and disposal startup that creates sustainable, affordable, and high-quality basic apparel.
UVA Stepmom, founded by Mary Walton Peterson (Col Class of 2025), is an ironic college apparel brand of slogan t-shirts made from second-hand materials and marketed through original, humorous media.
Entrepreneurs, supporters and mentors mingled after the Demo Day presentations.

“Demo Day—and the larger i.Lab Incubator program—is all about actively supporting student ventures; and more importantly, supporting the students themselves as budding entrepreneurs,” said Batten Institute Executive Director Omar Garriott. He emphasized aspects of the Incubator’s programming that “ensure students know key frameworks like Effectuation and Design Thinking that originated in these halls and have spread across academia and into the startup world.”

"Connecting with a community of individuals navigating similar challenges has been invaluable."
Hoi-San Guan, Darden Class of 2024

Jason Brewster, director of venture programs, thanked the faculty, staff, speakers and many others who made this year’s incubator possible and cultivated the space for a strong community. “Probably the best thing we’ve built is our community. I think we’ve engendered a lot of lifetime friends and relationships here, and the overwhelming support of the mentors has been awesome to see.”

As members of the cohort, founders receive grant funding; access to core workshops led by Darden faculty and experts; legal support; mentorship and advisory support from experienced founders and industry experts; and eligibility to apply for the Kathryne Carr Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

“Connecting with a community of individuals navigating similar challenges has been invaluable,” said Hoi-San Guan (Darden Class of 2024), founder of food startup Boozy Frozen Treats. “The support and camaraderie from fellow entrepreneurs have not only challenged my business assumptions but also provided unwavering belief in both me and my venture when I had doubts.”

What she learned from the i.Lab changed Guan’s approach to her business’s growth strategy. “I’ve expanded my horizons to assess the regulatory landscape of all 50 states, aiming to pinpoint the optimal launch location for my products. This wouldn’t have been possible without the incubator experience,” she said.

Learn more about this summer’s ventures here.

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