New UVA Darden Courses Explore Wide Range of Topics

09 September 2022

By Dave Hendrick

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business will feature multiple new courses in the 2022-23 academic year.

New courses will consider a variety of topics, from the European Union in a global economic context to doing business in the Metaverse and more. Specific courses include:

  • Women, Gender, and Work: Leadership Stories and Career Narratives,” taught by Professor Allison Elias. In this course in the Communication area, students will consider the question of how gender norms influence the trajectory of one’s career as well as the pursuit and attainment of leadership positions.
  • Creating Value in the Metaverse,” taught by Professor Anton Korinek and Batten Institute Senior Director David Touve. In this course in the Global Economies and Markets area, students will explore how to create value in the emerging metaverse. Taught through discussions, workshops and time spent in the metaverse, the purpose of this course is to expose students to the developing technologies, strategic dynamics, and economic underpinnings of this expanding network of virtual worlds and economies, with the goal to contribute to creating value.
  • Humanitarianism and INGOs-Is the Model Fit for Purpose or Obsolete?” taught by Professor Carolyn Miles. In this course in the Strategy area, students will explore the global humanitarian system and response to man-made and natural disasters – its development and rapid growth in the past 50 years, the actors involved including UN agencies, INGO’s, local NGO’s, corporations, and local communities.
  • Games, Competition, and Cooperation,” taught by Professor Sasa Zorc. This course in the Quantitative Analysis area is a business-world course on game theory. Some of the common applications covered in the course include competition between firms, trading in financial markets, auctions, international politics, warfare and artificial intelligence.
  • GEMstone,” taught by Professors Frank Warnock and Kinda Hachem. In this course in the Global Economies and Markets area, students will take deep dives into the biggest issues at the intersection of international finance and money and banking; examples might include the international payments system and the demand for liquidity, the evolving role of the U.S. dollar as the center of global finance, where in the world long-term interest rates are headed, and how to think about the monetary policy transmission mechanism in a world of crypto and central bank digital currencies.
  • EU and the World Economy,” taught by Professor Stefan Ruediger. In this course in the Global Economies and Markets area, students explore the fundamental differences and similarities between the EU and the US. The course starts with an analysis of the economic history of the EU and the EURO, followed by studying the unique features of its labor market, health insurance systems, corporate governance, banking, business, environmental, and privacy regulations, fiscal and monetary policy, transportation, and migration.

Darden also welcomed 12 new faculty members ahead of the 2022-23 academic year.

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