How an MBA Podcast Helped One UVA Darden Student Make a Difference in Others’ Lives

18 February 2020

By Jay Hodgkins

University of Virginia Darden School of Business full-time MBA student Adam Miller (Class of 2020) launched The MBA Candidate podcast to show prospective students that they can get into business school without having a traditional b-school background.

“The idea is to inspire people through authenticity,” Miller said. “What I expected to hear while doing the podcast was really polished stories about what people had done right before coming to business school and what they wanted to get out of the experience to get the next job. But instead, most of what the show actually highlights is people’s childhoods and what they want to do 25 years after graduation.”

To his surprise, listeners began reaching out to him for advice, and the podcast became a conduit to make new connections and even help several students come to Darden.

“To this point, I’ve helped, probably, close to 50 people, and three of those people are now here at Darden in the Class of 2021,” Miller said. “I really think hard about the people who helped me along the way, and I know how much it meant to me when they helped. So whenever someone thanks me, I really try to stop and say, I’m honored to do it, and I just hope you now pay it forward to the next group of people.”

To learn more about Miller’s story and The MBA Candidate podcast, watch the video above.

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