Darden Executive Education CEO Tackles Question of How to Develop Managers Into Modern Global Leaders

By Dave Hendrick

A new article in IEDP’s Developing Leaders Quarterly considers the significant global challenges facing managers — and how Darden Executive Education is committed to addressing them.

The article, “Developing Managers into Modern Global Leaders,” features findings from a recent Darden Executive Education survey of top talent executives as well as an interview with Darden Executive Education President and CEO Kelly Bean. The article offers insight into Bean’s efforts to make Executive Education “truly fit for the future in its pedagogy, its methods of delivery, its reach and its impact.”

Rethinking its executive education provision may seem counterintuitive for a business school that was ranked No. 1 in the World for Faculty, Facilities and Course Design in executive education by the Financial Times in 2017 and has been consistently highly ranked over recent years. However, staying ahead means adapting to change, and in a world where technological, generational, and attitudinal change is significantly affecting how we live, work and do business, all executive educators must adapt and innovate to stay relevant.

“Executive education is a pillar of why Darden was founded. To provide access to leading edge practise, to influence and engage with leaders in practise. That is just so profoundly stamped on the culture of the organization,” says Kelly, “The faculty commitment to the practising manager is alive and well.” Faculty provide managers with opportunities to discover that they already hold the keys to their own development as leaders. “We don’t give answers and that’s very important, we create experiences for people to get to those answers. … What we are really here to do is create an environment that allows people to grow. It takes them where they need to go to and that’s different for each person.”

Read the full story in Developing Leaders Quarterly or download a summary of findings from Darden Executive Education’s survey of top talent executives

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